Average Domestic Water Usage Chart  
The figures below on domestic water usage could vary depending on personal habits and design of household appliances. However, Brisbane City Council estimates that 1,100 litres are used per day by an average Brisbane family (two adults and two children.  
Use (Appliance) Type Average Rate of Flow Average Total Water Used
Shower (average shower is 8 minutes) Normal Shower Rose 15 litres per minute 120 litres per shower
Water Saver Rose 8.5 litres per minute 68 litres per shower
Toilet Single Flush 12 litres 120 litres per day
Dual Flush 6/3 litres 40 litres per day
Washing Machine Twin Tub   40 litres per wash
Front Loading   80 litres per wash
Top Loading   170 litres per wash
Dishwasher     20-50 litres per load
Cooking, Cleaning & Drinking*   10 litres per minute 150 litres per 24 hour day
Brushing teeth with running water     5 litres per brush
Bath   10-20 litres per minute 50-150 litres per bath
Sprinkler or Handheld Hose   10-20 litres per minute 1000 litres per hour
Drip System     4 litres per hour
Hosing Paths / Driveways   20 litres per minute 200 litres for 10 minutes
Washing the car with a running hose   10-20 litres per minute 100-300 litres
Filling a swimming pool     Up to 55,000 litres

*Average of 5 times per day for 3 minutes per use at a flow rate of 10 litres per minute.

For further information, please contact the Brisbane City Council Call Centre on 3403 888 or visit their web site @ www.qld.gov.au

Source of information for Brisbane City Council - Water Wise  

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